Enterprise Adjuster Stop

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The Adjuster-Stop is based on the Adjuster-Link design, and is basically a leger stop for use when fishing with a running lead/feeder set-up. It is attached to the line in the same way as an Adjuster-link, but instead of using silicon tube to lock it in position, it has two specially designed rudders. The front rubber is shaped like a bullet, and the rear rubber incorporates a built in bead to absorb the shock of casting.

The line enters and leaves the Adjuster-Stop centrally, unlike a usual leger stop, and it doesn’t damage or weaken the line. When assembled it measures approximately 18mm long, and produces a stand off anti tangle effect when in use. Like the Adjuster-Link, it enables the angler to fish straight through when targeting powerful fish such as Barbel or Carp, and basically replaces the usual swivel & rubber bead set-up. It can be easily re-positioned on the main line by removing and re-fitting the two rubbers from the main body, should the angler wish to alter the hook length.

The Adjuster-Stop is ideal for use with the in-line method feeders that are currently very popular, and can be fished fixed or semi-fixed with the addition of a stop knot and bead, or rubber float stop, fished above the feeder.

dunkle Avonpose

Middy Barbel Trotter Float Pose

dunkle Avonpose

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10 Gummikugeln (ca.7mm)

Enterprise Tackle Pastemate Gummikugel für Anfutter

  • 10 Gummikugeln (ca.7mm)

  • können mit Gummilippe auf den Haken g...
3,50 EUR
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Vordere seitliche Rutenauflage m...

KORUM Seitliche Rutenauflage - Sidestrike Rest

Vordere seitliche Rutenauflage mit Schnurkerbe.
Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: 3,95 EUR
3,95 EUR
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Nachtlicht - Adapter für Isotope

Enterprise Avon/Barbel Rod Tip Nightlite Adaptor

Nachtlicht - Adapter für Isotope

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löst sich im Wasser auf

Gardner G-String PVA 20m

  • löst sich im Wasser auf
  • hervorragend, um Köder wie Pellets und Boi...
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Brotimitation mit...

Enterprise Tackle Imitation Bread


Brotimitation mit Popup-Effekt

3,95 EUR
inkl. 19 % MwSt., zzgl. Versand
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