Gardner Tackle Ring Fluorocarbon Rig Barbed Barbenvorfach 12lb

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Subterfuge fluorocarbon can be used in any angling situation but particularly lends itself to fishing in clear water as its refractive index is almost identical to that of water making it almost invisible. The Ring Rig is a ready tied rig for Barbel fishing that incorporates a small rig ring onto which a small pellet band is mounted for the attachment of pellet hook baits up to around 15mm.

Features include the following:

  • The near invisibility of Subterfuge 12lb Soft fluorocarbon underwater will help fool even the wariest of Barbel.
  • Tied using the highly effective Talon Tip Hook which has a proven track record in Barbel fishing. The short shank, slightly beaked point and wide gape coupled with the heavier gauge steel make it ideal for hard fighting Barbel.
  • Simply slip a pellet onto the band and you are ready to go Barbel fishing.
  • If you want to use bigger pellets, simply replace the bands supplied with some 6.4mm Latex Bait Bands which will accommodate pellets of over 20mm.
  • If the pellet band breaks, you can replace it with one of the extra bands supplied with the rig making the Ring Rig reusable again and again without having to retie the rig.
  • Tied in the UK to guarantee the highest standards. Always reliable and easy to use, our ready tied rigs are the convenient way to ensure ultimate presentation.
  • Gardner rig tiers are real anglers who take great pride in their work, paying incredible attention to detail and taking the time and effort so you don't have to.
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