J W Young Purist II 4,5" x 0,75"

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Both the main body and spool of the Purist II are machined from high quality aluminium bar stock, bronze anodized for protection, and attaches to the rod by a brass rod plate machined from bar stock. The back plate, which is finished with gold script, incorporates a simple on/off click drag to the spool and supports the precision-machined stainless steel spindle.

The back plate also holds the removable line guard that can be fitted in four different positions (two positions on the 2071 model).

The quick release, ventilated spool is constructed around a centre hub, accurately aligned with six nickel silver spokes and houses double stainless steel bearings.

The Purist II is the ideal all purpose centrepin.

It features 2 ball bearings, click check, micro adjustable disc drag, and ambidextrous line cage and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Features include:-
- Drum Size: 4.5"
- Width: 0,75"
- Weight: 250g


Centrepin Reel

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